Studio Rates


The Sneak Attack Recording Co. offers a plethora of audio & music production services.  We are most frequently hired to complete album projects from beginning to end (tracking, mixing & mastering).  Other services we offer are mixing /master projects recorded elsewhere,  drum/live band tracking sessions, voice-overs, & even tape/DAT transfer/restoration/digital archiving.

The rate for Jason & the studio is $350 per 8 hour day.  (typically 11-8)

Half days are $200 for up to 4 hours.  

Mixing rates start at $150 per track.  Please contact us for details.

Mastering starts at $50 per track or $300 for a full album up to 10 tracks.

DDP is included free with entire album mastering.



How long will it take to make a record/EP?

"How long" really depends upon the material and the preparedness of the band/artist.  We have had people make full length records in as few as 3 days and others as many as 30 days.  Three days being a stripped down singer/songwriter with minimal instrumentation and thirty being a rock band with a lot of moving parts.

Do you charge extra for mixing & mastering? 

Yes. This is an integral part of the process & if you really want your project to come out as good as possible, you should budget time for mixing even if you don't plan to attend.  If you are making an EP, it can typically be mixed/mastered in a day or two (this is if it was tracked here add an extra day if tracked elsewhere) and a full length in 2 to 5 days.

I only need an hour how much would you charge?

Sorry, we only offer half days.